Germs In The Work Place

Germs at work – Did you know that every 60 seconds, a working adult touches as many as 30 objects which may be contaminated by bacteria or viruses causing infectious disease? According to one recent workplace microbial survey, “desktop surfaces, computer keyboards, mouse and telephone receivers are more contaminated than restroom toilet seats.” Dr. Gerba discovered that the average office … Read More

CDC Recommends – Take steps to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

Brighten the holidays by making your health and safety a priority. Take steps to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy—and ready to enjoy the holidays. Keep hands clean to help prevent the spread of germs. It’s flu season. Wash or Sanitize your hands frequently especially when out in public places. Bundle up to stay dry and warm. Wear appropriate … Read More

What is it exactly that makes an oil “essential”? And is there evidence that essential oils actually do anything?

Essential oils aren’t essential to either human or plant life. The “essential” in their name refers to the fact that they are the concentrated essence of a plant, says John Labows, a fragrance technology consultant in the Philadelphia area. Though humans have used botanical essences for thousands of years (ancient Egyptians anointed their bodies with perfumed oils and medieval healers treated ailments … Read More

Use any pick of a flower – Lavender is best.

What is an Essential Oil? If you have ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant. Essential oils give plants their distinctive smells, essential oils … Read More

5 Benefits to using a Face Mask – ulta-derm Mask

5 Benefits to using a Face Mask – ulta-derm Mask ☑️ Relaxation Face masks don’t just offer results that improve the overall appearance of your skin, they can also be quite therapeutic. Set aside a bit of “me” time to give yourself a good cleansing face mask knowing you are doing good for your skin. ☑️ Deep cleansing A face mask can … Read More

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Interesting Map showing Influenza by week

Interesting Map showing Influenza by week – It appears there is always germ activity causing the flu. Using ulta-derm Alcohol Free Hand Santiser Kills 99.99% of germs that cause flu.