Do Hand Sanitizers Work and Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Coronavirus

Given the current news about the latest strain of 2019 novel human coronavirus, it’s only natural that we do everything in our power to keep germs from spreading. Two high priority questions being asked right now are: Do hand sanitizers really work, and do hand sanitizer kill coronavirus? The shorts answer is YES to both questions and below you’ll find … Read More

Best Essential Oils

Find the best essential oils and many more in ulta-derm Skin Serum. All the work is done at a savings by combining the best essential oils at a great price. Link to article about best essential oils Ulta-Derm™ Skin Serum 4oz

How To Protect Yourself From The Flu

How do you protect yourself and others from getting the flu? Help protect you and those around you form the flu – use ulta-derm Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitser. Ulta-Derm™ Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitiser 50ml

Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Warnings!

Every year poison control centers manage several thousand calls related to children ingesting hand sanitizer. In 2018, through January 31, poison centers received reports of 1,674 exposures to hand sanitizers by children 12 years and younger | Article Healthy Alternative: Ulta-Derm™ Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitiser 50ml

Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers states Keep out of Reach of Children

There are all sorts of warnings on products to protect children. One warning on Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers states Keep out of Reach of Children, but is promoted to children who drink them at alarming rates. Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizers are a safe alternative. Article warning to keep alcohol based hand sanitizers away from children Ulta-Derm™ Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitiser … Read More

Martin Luther King Jr Day 2018

On Monday, the US celebrates the life and legacy of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr, who would have turned 89 years old. The Baptist minister, Nobel Laureate and civil rights activist dedicated his life to “work for peace, social justice, and opportunity for all Americans”. Beginning in 1971, three years after he was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, many … Read More

Keep your skin Healthy with Ultimate Dermaceutical Skin Serum

Winter season roughly 65% of Americans believe January is one of the months when their skin is at its worst. A survey, conducted online by Harris Poll, asked more than 2,000 U.S. adults how they really feel about dry skin during winter. The Results • 42% of Americans said having dry skin in the winter is one of the things … Read More

Difference between a Skin Serum and Moisturizers

Serums and moisturizers help the skin in different ways. Sometimes a serum alone will be enough for what your skin needs, and other times you will find that you need both a serum and a moisturizer. Serums are thinner and lighter than moisturizers and have a great variety of functions. Moisturizers are thicker and creamier than serums. They’re meant to … Read More

Why Use A Charcoal Face Mask?

Charcoal Face Mask might is a proven option for your skin problems, the main ingredient—Japanese activated charcoal—does have benefits. First, though, we need to make it clear that the charcoal in question isn’t the stuff you put in your barbecue grill. The charcoal used in our mask is what’s known as activated charcoal. It just means it has been treated … Read More

The Dirtiest places in the office work environment…

WebMD recently reported the 6 dirtiest places in your office.  The study researchers swabbed some 4,800 surfaces in office buildings housing some 3,000 employees. Office types included manufacturing facilities, law firms, insurance companies, health care companies, and call centers. • break room sink-faucet handles • microwave door handles • keyboards • refrigerator door handles • water fountain buttons • vending machine … Read More